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RIP Avery >.>…. you dumbass..

Well as you can see here my house is on fire…. >.> a Metor hit it.. and i sent Avery to extingush it but nooooo instead she felt it was nessecary to stand in direct path of the flames and freak out <.< …. well she became Crispy  Avery..

HOWEVER i have a lovely new problem… her son,Coyote is stuck in Dystopia.. >.> and can’t use the portal <.< and yep i made him sell the home becuase that’s just creepy V..V 

So brings me back to OMG my sim was a dumbass :|

As i gazed into oblivion i grew hungry, And upstairs sat two dragon eggs that I’d be given from my parent’s which i nearly forgotten about. But as hunger had consumed me i found myself wanting a rainbow icecream.I took the long walk to the kitchen and Scopped one scoopful of crushed ice and added lots of different flavours until it created a bright rainbow which i then topok to the dinig room t.v and devoured…and still the Rain outside poured down…

                                       Chapter One

I walked off the taxi boat and onto ‘dry land’ not that you could call it very dry today: what normaly would be tropical sunrays where giant raindrops and where the sun whould sit high in the sky was deep gray clouds of gloom.As i walked towards my house i felt the coolness of the raindrops as they hitted my skin and ran down making a miniature stream heading towards the already drenched sand.

I walked inside and shut the door behind me, this is the fresh start i’d begged my parent’s for of course they had refubished and decorated my new home  but finally i had my independence i longly demanded for.I took comfort in a rocking chair and slowly glanced out the window at the never ending sea as i rocked backwards and forwards. I’m Charity Foy i thoughht to myself and it’s time i made my own story…. asnd well this sha’ll be a story one sha’ll never forget!

This is Charity Foy she’s my new sim legacy story founder… >.> i know i’ve gone thru so many.. will i ever stick to one.. well yep now i am :3

Her Traits are : 






Fav Food :Chilli Con Carne

Fav Colour:hot pink

Fav Music:Rock


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