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She stood at the side of the road watching the cab drive of in the distance when a sudden beep of her phone broke her gazing at the disappearing yellow car.As she pulled her phone out she read the text 'Miss you heaps hope you like your new country'. She walked away from the road making her way to the house, It was a little Villa made out of stone, Home to some guy called Dimitri Belivok, When she enter the house she made her way for the closet seat  and sat there silently as she peered around the poorly decorate house when she heared footsteps from up steps…

( This is one of the new sim’s i made!)

Name : Rubi Knox 

Traits: Irresitible,Artistic,Avant Grade,Party Animal and Virutos

Favourites: Food - Tri-tip Tofu Steak

                     Music - Darkwave

                     Colour - Black

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